PARTNERSHIP AM Big Data Seminars

Big data are like precious metal deposits. When identified, they must be mined, cleaned and stored on big data platform, before data science turns them into smart tools to power your business.

One example is a set of data science algorithms developed by our data science team. These have been successfully deployed in a number of industries including Banking, Finance and Telco.

The effectiveness of data science projects is one of the hottest topics in business intelligence nowadays. On the one hand, we are discussing the huge potential of artificial intelligence in executing sophisticated tasks for businesses. On the other hand, we see the harsh reality of today. Large companies like banking institutions are struggling hard to deploy advanced data solutions and incorporate them into their not always up-to-date infrastructures. According to Gartner, 75% of data collected by businesses remains unused, and more than half of the data analytics models never make it to production. What are the reasons for such inefficiency?


It is beyond any doubt how well companies understand the importance of building their data competencies, especially in such fields as banking and insurance. Data are valuable, and it is necessary to understand them and be able to use them to the fullest extent. The ability of the internal data analytical departments to understand business topics has to be continuously groomed and developed. The business know-how has to stay in-house.

Our live classroom courses have many advantages compared to other methods of learning.

Fully interactive

Ask questions, share documents and communicate with your trainer and peers.

Learn from comfort wherever you are

All you need is a computer, webcam and microphone and you’re all set.

Access the best pool of trainers, wherever you are

No need to leave where you live or work.

No travel or accomodation costs

An affordable way to boost your career.

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